A year of spiritual fullness

Many find themselves exhausted and disconnected from God due to their daily pressures and busy schedule. Reflecting on ones current spiritual state thus becomes imperative. Living in Faith Catholic Magazine can help you do just that as India’s most-loved monthly. Because, it is a compendium of all the prayers and reflections that you would need in a month.

Every content created by the team of experts aim to find a connection with you, the reader. Moreover, the aim of the missalette is to give fresh perspectives on the Word of God. It aims to connect you better with the scripture and the Holy Eucharist. Many of our readers use the missalette to prepare in advance for the Holy Mass. Learned scholars in the Catholic Liturgy domain have helped to create this book. Thus created out of pure love and devotion to the Church and its people Living in Faith is an authentic work.

Living in Faith – 1 Year Subscription (12 Issues)

The millions who use Living in Faith will testify to its benefits. The language in the book is simple and it is very easy to use. It is easy on the eyes due to its large sized fonts. However, the features that make the mass worship book stand out are many.

  • Special editorials that are tailored to the liturgical season
  • Monthly reflections from spiritual leaders with inspiring content
  • A reflection for each day written by authors from India and abroad
  • Full-page Sunday reflections for daily reading and prayer
  • Know a Parish – special section where historically important churches are described
  • This Month in History – a special feature highlighting the key events in Church History in that specific month

Nevertheless, among all the liturgical magazines in India this Catholic mass worship book stands tall. The book is a trendsetter due to its unmatched quality and precision. As a matter of fact, with Living in Faith in your hands there will never be a moment away from prayer and reflection

Order Living in Faith Catholic Magazine online and get this amazing liturgical companion delivered to your doorstep.

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