What is a Rosary?

Rosary is a gift of roses, we offer to our Blessed Mother Mary, every time we pray. While we pray the Rosary, we meditate on the life of Christ through the divine mysteries.

It is the most powerful weapon against evil temptations…

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Blue Bead Thread Rosary

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We not only seek divine intervention for ourselves, but we also desire it for our near and dear ones. We connect to God in various ways, through personal conversation, through rosary and prayers.

We seek to strengthen your faith and those of your loved ones by providing
Rosary – We strengthen our faith in the Lord, through the intercession of our Blessed Mother.
Chaplet – One of the most beautiful ways to connect deeply to God, is through personal devotion.
One decade Rosary – Keep Our Blessed Mother close to you at all times, even if it means a small rosary.
Bracelet – We serve the faith aspect by offering a variety of bracelets in different colors.

We also have wide range of books on faith, books for children (Catechism & some easy sticker activity books), gifts for Priests & Religious too.