Workers and farmers communicate the significance of life

The heavens declare the glory of God… Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they reveal knowledge. -Psalm 19:1-2

Workers and farmers communicate the significance of life

Sr. Velanganni CM

Through the wrinkled face of a worker strapped with logs behind on the front cover, a message is communicated: human life is significant because millions of ordinary workers keep on sweating to sustain every human life on earth. Out of the seven billion people on earth only three billion are employed and 205 million are unemployed.

The worker from north-east of India, you see on the cover could be one of those unemployed who eke out an earning through hard labour. In a country like India where small farmers constitute a huge number of the working force, we seldom think that our daily bread comes to us through their hard work and therefore they need our thoughtful concern. This tells us that nothing should happen that would go against their interests. That is why when May Day on the first of the month becomes a low-key public event nationally in India, it raises a serious question whether we as a nation are increasingly forgetting our workers and farmers.

Church wants us not to forget the workers and that is why it celebrates the feast of Saint Joseph the Worker on May first itself. Pope Francis reminds us: “There is no worse material poverty, I am keen to stress, than the poverty which prevents people from earning their bread and deprives them of the dignity of work.”

(Sr. Velanganni CM, Neotan, Miao Diocese, Arunachal Pradesh)

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