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Lord, help me forgive without counting the cost!

Lord, help me forgive without counting the cost

Lord, help me forgive without counting the cost!

Thursday 13th August 2020
19th Week in Ordinary Time
Ss Pontian, pope and Hippolytus, priest
Ez. 12:1-12; Ps. 77:56-57,58-59,61-62;
Mt. 18:21--19:1   (Ps Wk III)

Only a forgiving spirit can receive forgiveness. This is evident in this parable of the “Unmerciful Servant”, a dramatic story in 3 acts: Mercy, Cruelty, Justice.

The compassion of the King is truly extraordinary: he forgives entirely all the debt owed to him. He does not even demand any recompense. It is unconditional, wholehearted forgiveness!

The servant, on the other hand, is ruthless to his fellow servant, who owed him a mere pittance, which the latter was willing to settle soon.

It is clear that the forgiveness received from the King had not softened his heart to others. It is this unforgiveness that destroys all human relationships.

We receive extravagant mercy from our Father in heaven: extravagant because our debt to our Creator is immeasurable! Such grace we have received freely, demands responsibility; it requires an appropriate response, as we pray daily in the Our Father — “Forgive us our debts as we forgive those who are indebted to us.” It is only in forgiving that we receive forgiveness.

This is living in grateful remembrance and constant awareness of the Father's unconditional care for us.

Lord, help me forgive without counting the cost!

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