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Kamala Grows

“You are no more a wolf”
And this churned Kamala’s inner being
And began she
To think like a human
And in her Book of Life
A new chapter opened.

Kamala Grows

By Joe Palathunkal
In the anthill of Godamuri
Did not know she
Who she was
But in the company of Reverend Singh
And Mrs. Singh
Who she is
Entered into her
Like the shafts of sunrays
Which break into the foils of leaves
On the thick forest trees
Dancing in the morning breeze!

The love of Singhs whispered into her ears
“You are no more a wolf”
And this churned Kamala’s inner being
And began she
To think like a human
And in her Book of Life
A new chapter opened.

Standing upright on her legs
When she uttered the first human sound
The Singhs heard the greatest song
Ever came forth from a human throat.
Her faltering steps
Towards the fatherly arms of Reverend Singh
Were the greatest
Forward marching steps of human kind
And the flower of trust blossomed in her
Like an arrow-mark pointing to a road
To walk into other human hearts.

Learning to speak in human tongues
And the words learnt
Made her an encyclopedia of humanity
And when she looked at flowers
They became teachers of beauty
Without blackboards and chalks
And the humming of phrases by her
Indeed was
The songs of Solomon.

But when she learnt
How to love a human being
As a human being
Kamala learnt
The greatest lesson
That was the only lesson
Taught by the Greatest Teacher
Before his final lesson on Calvary
And when the children of Midnapore orphanage
Stood by her with lighted candles
And the rose flowers on her body
Sang her praises
In the tear drops of many
Reflected these words
Written in the Book
Kept reverently at her white flower-crowned head:
“So God created man
In his own image,
In the image of God he created him;
Male and female he created them.”

And Reverend Singh and Mrs. Singh
Sang a Magnificat in tears:
“Thank you Lord,
When Kamala grew into your image
The wolf died;
Great indeed,
Are your works, O Lord!”

(Based on Mike Samuda’s “THE WOLF-CHILDREN”. Kamala died on 14 November 1929. The other child Amala, much younger to Kamala, had died earlier.)

(Joe Palathunkal is Associate Editor, Living in Faith)

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