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A praying family is a healthy family

In whatever family he has gone, the healing has always taken place. Take the healing of Peter’s mother –in-law, the moment Jesus steps in, her fever leaves her.

A praying family is a healthy family

By Joe Palathunkal
Praying together has a therapeutic value which is very much evident right from the first century of Christianity to this 21st century; since some of these group prayers have become a mockery, we tend to brand all of them as farce. But the supreme healer Jesus has told us one thing very clearly that wherever one or two come together in my name, I will be in the midst of them.

When a family prays together definitely this healer of Nazareth will be in their midst and the healing process sets in. In whatever family he has gone, the healing has always taken place. Take the healing of Peter’s mother –in-law, the moment Jesus steps in, her fever leaves her but we must remember that the whole family was in a praying disposition though it was not a conventional prayer.

The praying disposition of the whole family is important for bringing healing to each member of the family. When Jesus entered Peter’s house that is the only thing he kept in mind – through his divinity he sensed that the whole family wanted that mother to be healed. That is all and the healing happened instantly.

In a family each one must pray for each other every day individually and collectively. During the evening Rosary, let every member offer a decade for the health of the other and you will see the miraculous effect of your prayer on the health of your family. In a special way, pray for those members whose health is rather vulnerable.

Jesus knew very well that how ill-health adversely affects a family and that is why he responded promptly whenever a request from family came for healing. That is the same reason for his going with Jairus (Luke 8: 40) immediately to his family to heal his daughter because the request from the head of the family was a request from the whole family and on the way he also heals a woman with haemorrhage.

He was well aware of the fact that if the daughter or son of a family is ill, how much worry and anxiety it can cause to the head of the family as well as the whole family but for the healing the request must come from the family.

But for Jesus healing was always psychosomatic – inner healing and physical healing and that is why before healing he says ‘your sins are forgiven’. When we pray together as a family for healing, it is important that we pray for the healing of all the emotional injuries and we must forgive to heal the wounds inflicted in our hearts.

That is why Pope Francis said: “We know well that every family on occasion suffers moments when one family member offends another,” and its wounds “come from words, actions and omissions which, instead of expressing love, hurt those nearest and dearest, causing deep divisions among family members, above all between husband and wife.” So a family that prays for each other’s holistic health will have the least number of wounds in the heart, and such a family is indeed a healthy family.

(Joe Palathunkal is Associate Editor, Living in Faith)

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