Human rights at stake in Venezuela, say Latin American bishops

The Bishops of Latin America express support for the Catholic Church in Venezuela as it calls for political change in the face of an ongoing crisis.

UN envoy meets Myanmar interfaith leaders

High on the agenda of faith leaders were educational opportunities, combating poverty and protecting human rights of internally displaced people.

Investigations to continue in the Vaticans Teutonic Cemetery

A statement by the Holy See Press Office says the identification of two ossuaries in the Vatican’s Teutonic Cemetery has led to the decision to continue investigations into the whereabouts of two princesses whose tombs were found to be empty.

Guinea-Bissau Bishops call for peace and security

The Bishops of Guinea-Bissau appeal to the new government to guarantee peace and national security, to bring the country out of the crisis into which it has fallen in recent years.

Pope marks 25th anniversary of terrorist attack on Jewish center in Buenos Aires

Pope Francis sends a letter to a Jewish center in Argentina to commemorate the 25th anniversary of a terrorist bombing that left 85 people dead and hundreds wounded.

Pope Francis to visit Albano Laziale on September 21st

In a letter dedicated to the faithful of Albano, Bishop Marcello Semeraro announces Pope Francis’ future visit to the Cathedral of Albano Laziale.

Bishops of Haiti announce year of prayer and adoration

The Bishops of haiti call for a year of prayer and adoration, in light of the ongoing violent protests in the country.

UN rights body calls for investigation into Philippines’ “war on drugs"

A resolution adopted by the UN Human Rights Council on July 11, calls on the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights to prepare a report on the Philippines by June next year.

Zambia to host Extraordinary Missionary Month academic seminar

An Extraordinary Missionary Month October 2019 Theological Colloquium has been organised in Zambia and is scheduled to take place in the capital, Lusaka, at St. Dominic’s Major Seminary.

Grand Mufti of Bosnia on the difficult legacy of the Srebrenica genocide

On 11 July 1995 Bosnian-Serb troops killed over 8000 Muslim boys and men in and around the town of Srebrenica in Bosnia-Herzegovina. The Grand Mufti emeritus of Bosnia reflects on the concept of reconciliation and says although the direct culprits have never apologized, he is proud no act of vengeance has been perpetrated.

Thousands mourn In Bosnia on 24th anniversary of Srebrenica massacre

Thousands of mourners have gathered in Bosnia-Herzegovina to commemorate the 24th anniversary of what became known as the Srebrenica massacre, the worst mass killing in Europe since World War II. Among them the many relatives of the thousands of Muslim victims.

Emanuela Orlandi: No human remains found in Vatican graves

The opening of the two 19th century graves in the Vatican’s Teutonic Cemetery in a quest to verify the possible presence of the remains of Emanuela Orlandi, has not yielded any results.

Pope, Holy See express grief over death of Vincent Lambert

The French quadriplegic who has been in a vegetative state for a decade, died in a hospital in Reims on July 11, after doctors stopped the food and water systems that kept him alive.

Pope creates Apostolic Exarchy for Ukrainians in Italy

A new Exarchy has been erected to provide for the pastoral care of Ukrainian Greek-Catholics living in Italy.

Bishop Kihara: Child abuse is a reality that we must confront

Kenya’s Bishop of Marsabit says the Church is committed to ensuring that children in society are protected and safeguarded from abuse.

Reflections for the XV Sunday

Fr. Antony Kadavil reflects and comments on the readings at Mass for the fifteenth Sunday in ordinary time. He says that we gain eternal life by loving God living in our neighbors.

Iraqi convicted for assaulting and murdering German Girl

A court in Germany has convicted a rejected Iraqi asylum-seeker of raping and murdering a 14-year-old local girl amid broader tensions over the situation of migrants and refugees in Germany.

Emanuela Orlandi: the opening of the tombs inside Vatican City

An exclusive interview with the forensic anthropologist commissioned by the Vatican judiciary to examine findings and take samples for DNA testing, following the opening of two tombs in the Vatican on Thursday.

Director of papal Sistine Chapel Choir concludes his term of office

Salesian Monsignor Massimo Palombella has completed his service as Director of the Sistine Chapel Choir after more than 8 years. Msgr. Marcos Pavan will temporarily take charge of the choir.

In the Amazon, the Karipuna people fight to defend their land

"If we allow our territory to be occupied by mining companies, it will create a precedent for them to enter any community. And that would mean death for us”.