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Living in Faith
A wonderful daily companion.
  • India’s first and only monthly Catholic Family Companion
  • Promoted by the France-based Augustinians of the Assumption
  • Daily Devotions to develop a scripturally–grounded Eucharist–centered spirituality
  • Ideal for priests, nuns, congregations, lay people, parishes and families
Daily Devotions
That are sure to inspire you.
  • Engaging articles on pilgrimages, faith, family and living
  • The complete Order of the Mass in easy to read bold print
  • Each day’s scripture readings taken from the official liturgical calendar of the CCBI
  • Crisp profiles of Saints of the day and Daily Reflections arranged in a thoughtful manner
Unmatched Quality
To uplift you spiritually.
  • Thoughtfully chosen and arranged resources for all your prayer needs
  • Best in class quality and design for your ease of use
  • Colour coded and well designed pages to help you get to the pages you need quickly
  • Special features like Know Now, Know a Parish
A complete Missalette and perfect worship companion for praying, preparing for and participating in the Mass.