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SPECIFICATION Mass Worship Book Faith Formation Activity Books Catechism Text Books
(Living in Faith / WordQuest)
Recommended Usage For Daily Mass Scripture readings, reflections, prayers, and understanding the scripture better through special editorials and content written by Bishops, Priests and other leading Spiritual Writers. For teaching children the basics of the Catholic Faith through beautifully illustrated pictures, self adhesivestickers, simple content, and engaging activities such as puzzles, crosswords, colouring etc. For Catechism students and teachers from classes I to X and Holy Confirmation Participants. The textbooks have been specially designed and illustrated to reflect the current social conditions and connect with children better.
Age Group 16 and above 5 to 12 Years 5 to 18 Years
Suitable for Individuals, Families, Congregations, Religious Kids, Families, Catechism Teachers Catechism Students, Catechism Schools, Catechism Teachers
Publishing Type (Periodicity) Monthly – Subscription Single Purchase Single Purchase


A missalette is a guide book to your daily mass in your parish or Chapel. It contains every word that the Celebrant says and which as a participant you need to say and understand. It also contains daily reading, responsorial psalm and even reflection. It is a great way to understand and make others understand what the mass is.
Living in Faith is a missalette meant for Latin Catholic Churches in India and in many parts of the world. The missalette follows NRSV Bible, the officially sanctioned Bible in India for its reading and Bible scriptures. It is the only publication of its kind and caters to thousands of clergy and laity across Asia.
Living in Faith is the Indian version of Living with Christ – the world renowned missalette that millions of people across US, Canada and Europe uses every day. It is promoted in India by the Congregation of the Augustinians of the Assumption, Paris, France. Besides thousands of clergy across India use it in their day to day mass.
Whether you need it or not is purely your decision. Whether you need to carry it to your daily mass is also your prerogative. But imagine a situation whereby you don’t miss a single mass any day with this book. Or if you are travelling? All you need to do is to read through. Also think about those who may not be able to attend the mass daily. This is their daily companion. This is not merely a missalette but also gives unique insights on faith, family and living.
Bible diary is not a missalette. It only has readings. It is a single book for the whole year. Living in Faith is a complete mass book for daily mass and is a monthly. Its size is handy and light and easily be carried in your pocket. Living in Faith costs Rs 100 for every issue. But you can get sizeable discount if you subscribe for a whole year or more.
Sunday Liturgy, as the name suggests, is for Sundays only. All good products comes at a price. The production cost of Living in Faith is three times more than its selling price. More than 50 best brains in liturgy, design and fact checking works day in and day out to bring to you this product. And all you need to do is to spend the cost of two Starbucks Coffee for an entire year.
You have every right to see and feel the book and we have provision to send you a free trial copy. Please send us your full address and mobile number or register for a free trial. We will be happy to send one within India.
Yes you can. Every night before you go to bed, make it a habit to read Living in Faith readings of that particular day. This is a family binding time and nothing is more precious than a ready made book to read through. This way you can go along the prescribed readings of the Church. Make this a habit for your children too so that they grow up to be avid readers of faith related materials.
That is what most people do. They gift a subscription to their parents or siblings during occasions. Aged parents cant have a better gift than getting this book every month. Each time they get the book and go through it daily, they remember you. Don’t forget to wear a mask when you sneeze on their rememberance.
Yes, of course. We deliver anywhere in the world. All you need to do is to add postage charges. But you can also get the same book in the form of e-book which can be read in any of your devices. The eBook / PDF versions are available in Amazon Kindle, Google Books, Magzter and Kobo. To purchase login with your registered account and search for Living in Faith. Alternatively, you may click here to view the eBook page.
The Living in Faith Mass Worship Book is printed monthly in Mumbai and sent across to your registered shipping address with us via courier, speed post etc.
The Shipping is completely free and it is delivered weeks in advance.
All the monthly copies for the Mass Worship Book are shipped in advance so that it may reach you at least 10 to 15 days in advance.
The Living in Faith Mass Worship Book is available only in English.
We send a text to your registered mobile on the dispatch of the book. Wait for a week and in the unfortunate event of not receiving your Mass Missalette, we will always dispatch you a new copy. However, you must inform our team by calling us on +919496062249 or emailing us on
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They are faith formation books for anyone under the age of 12. The Faith Formation Activity Books are available in English (16 books), Hindi (16 Books), and Marathi (15 Books). Each book cost as low as Rs 40 which is half of a Dollar or Euro.
The entire set is a gift pack which is normally gifted for church occasions like holy communion or birthdays. At the cost of a boquet of flowers, you are sending a package of faith formation. Flowers will wane in hours but these books remains in their memory for the rest of their life and so will you.
This book gives every information that a person – whether a Christian or Non-Christian – need to know about Catholic Church. It gives graphic details of every aspects of a Christian life.
You will be surprised that the book is also used by adults. There is no denying the fact that Bible has so much depth that it will take a generation to understand its ingenuity. Since everyday is a new learning day, the contents of these books are so rich and informative that it serves even as an adult catechism for those whose knowledge of Bible is limited.
The Faith Formation Activity Sets have the following books included in it.

Please click on the links to view the books

Yes. Catechism books are arranged agewise and is mostly used by parishes and dioceses. But there is no bar for individuals to order to gift to their children directly and learn Catechism at home.
Living in Faith Catechism textbooks have been developed for usage all over India. The WordQuest Catechism Books have been developed for usage at the Archdiocese of Bombay. Both books are same except for brand name.
WordQuest is the brand name for catechism books for children in Bombay Archdiocese. The same books are available for your purchase from us or from the Catechism Department of Bombay Archdiocese.
The same books can be rebranded with any name for any diocese with minor changes, if need be. But it will need a minimum quantity of books to be ordered and it starts from 1000 books. If you have few number of children to cater to, you can use WordQuest series.
Yes they are. The Living in Faith Catechism digital books are also available on e-platforms. Here is the link for you to have a look. The children need to have a laptop or a Tablet to have a full view of these books. They may not be suitable for small mobile devices.
If you buy one single copy, it may be depending on how you look at it. But if you order multiple copies, it becomes cheaper. More the copies, the prices goes down. Contact our sales team to get the quote.
At present Catechism textbooks are available in English only.
The books are prepared by the best brains in the Church liturgy and confirms to the standards of the teachings of the Church. It follows the Anthropoligical pattern and also turns up as a workbook for children.
These books are so extensive that it has a portion for every one including the children, parents and teachers. All that teachers need to do is to refer to the reference points and notes in the book and come prepared.

The titles available for the Catechism Text Books are as follows:

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We can send a sample copy but it will not be free. We charge the printing and the courier charge only. In case you order the book in bulk, we can deduct this amount from that order. So it becomes virtually free after the final order.
You can customise the books for your diocese. Please discuss this with the Editor by sending an email to
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