cheap jerseys Kids Faith Formation Activity Books(English)

Living in Faith - Kids (english)

Living in Faith Kids-Activity Set

    Now get your combo pack of tastefully designed faith formation activity books for children:

  • Content developed by experts in Catechism, Liturgy and Catholic Doctrine
  • Easy to understand language for children
  • Activities ranging from puzzles, crosswords, fill in the blanks, colouring and sticker activity
  • Can be used as a complementary activity medium during Catechism classes
  • Ideal to be used as a parent-child activity book after daily prayer
  • All of the books contain important concepts of the Catholic faith, daily prayers, facts and figures about the Catholic Church
  • The books have also been designed to impart learning based on the current socio-economical scenarios
  • The books can be used as prayer books during the Rosary or the Stations of the Cross
Actual Price :INR 640 Offer Price : INR 500 * Note: Shipping Charges extra as applicable

Easter Statue and Kids Pack

  • ₹390.00
  • ₹570.00

Get 30% discount and get this wonderful set for your family at only Rs. 399/- and have a wonderful season of Lent and celebrate a rewarding Easter.

Lent Kids Activity (Set of 100)

  • ₹5600.00
  • ₹8000.00

You may have prepared yourself for the season of Lent. But what about the kids at home? Get this specially designed set of Lent Kids Activity Set in English

Praying with Mother Mary Pack (3 Books)

  • ₹110.00
  • ₹120.00

She is not just Jesus' mother, but ours too. A must-have kids set for those who wish to know about Mother Mary, the Holy Mass and praying the Holy Rosary.

Let Us Pray Pack (3 Books)

  • ₹110.00
  • ₹120.00

Make daily prayer more interesting for your children with Living in Faith Kids - Let us Pray pack. Each prayer book is accompanied by beautiful illustrations and stickers that make learning the prayers and understanding them easy.

Meet Mother Teresa (English)

  • ₹40.00

Get to know the greatest humanitarian of our times - St. Mother Teresa. Her humility, care and concern for the poor and unwanted, charity and sacrifice has been an example to millions of people worldwide. Respected by Catholics and Non-Catholics alike she has been a role model for every individual - irrespective of their race, religion, caste or creed.

Praying the Stations of the Cross (English)

  • ₹40.00

Pray the Stations of the Cross in remembrance of the greatest act of love and reparation for sins done by Jesus on Mount Calvary. Get this prayer cum activity book for helping children understand the importance of the season of Lent.

What we do in Lent (English)

  • ₹40.00

What we do in Lent, Kids Faith Formation Activity Book in English with sticker activities and puzzles to help understand the season of lent better and live a more fruitful spiritual life. A must have book for every home.

What I see in the Church (English)

  • ₹40.00

What I see in the Church is a Faith Formation Activity Book in Hindi with sticker activities and puzzles to help children understand the various objects that they see daily in the church and their symbolisms in the Catholic Faith. A must have book for young and old alike.

Living the Beatitudes (English)

  • ₹40.00

Help children learn to live the true meaning of the Beatitudes with this amazing book that has been developed by experts in Catechism. With vivid illustrations and sticker activities this book is bound to impress your little one.

Learning about the Works of Mercy (English)

  • ₹40.00

Learn about the Works of Mercy and the various ways to implement them in your day to day life with sticker activities and puzzles.

What we do in Advent (English)

  • ₹40.00

Get to know the season of advent in an up close and personal manner. This book is a specially designed children's Faith Formation Activity Book in English with sticker activities and puzzles.

Meet Pope Francis (English)

  • ₹40.00

Get to know about His Holiness Pope Francis who is also known as Christ's Vicar on Earth. Get to know him closer and understand what makes him so popular among people of all religions and places.

Praying the Mass (English)

  • ₹40.00

Praying the Mass, Kids Faith Formation Activity Book in English with sticker activities and puzzles to learn more about the Holy Mass and participate in it better

All about Angels (English)

  • ₹40.00

All about Angels, Kids Faith Formation Activity Book in Hindi with sticker activities and puzzles to understand about the Angels better

Praying the Rosary (English)

  • ₹40.00

Living in Faith introduces Praying the Rosary and amazing prayer cum sticker activity book that can help children pray and learn at the same time. Every page of the book gives simple instructions on how to pray and what to pary while reciting the Rosary.

Learning about the Ten Commandments (English)

  • ₹40.00

Living in Faith introduces an easy way to help children and adults alike understand the Ten Commandments. With each commandment explained based on the Biblical context the book also has the basic questions for the examination of conscience written in a simple and concise manner.

Learning about the Sacraments (English)

  • ₹40.00

Get to know the Sacraments that are received only once and multiple times in life. Understand the symbolisms and the signs of the scraments in a simple and easy manner.

Heroes of the Old Testament (English)

  • ₹40.00

Help your children know more about the life and great things done by Jacob, Abraham, David, Solomon and the other heroes of the Bible.

Learning about the Bible (English)

  • ₹40.00

Take a quick walk through the amazing saga of the love, care and protection of God our Father documented in the Bible. Help children understand the history, facts, figures and key events that surround the Holy Bible.