June 21,2019 May we care for the sick & the dying

May Saint Aloysius Gonzaga become an inspiration for the youth of today to love and care for the sick and the dying even in risky situations as this young saint did by caring for the plague affected. Lord Jesus hear our prayer through Saint Aloysius. Amen.

June 20,2019 Lord, may this world be united as a family

Gracious God, by teaching us to call you ‘Our Father’, your Son has made all of us your children and therefore brothers and sisters to each other. Grant that this most beautiful prayer may make the whole humanity an ever living family of love and concern. Amen.

June 19,2019 Lord, teach us to practice piety in secrecy

God the Father inspired by your Son’s warning not to practise our piety to be seen by others, help us to do good for our fellow men and women on the precept that the left hand may not know what the right is doing. Hear our prayer through your Son our Lord Jesus. Amen.

June 18,2019 Lord, We pray for the victims of alcoholism

May the victims of alcoholism experience the healing touch of Jesus through the prayers and intercession of Venerable Matt Talbot who through his reformed life experienced your ever healing love. May he become an inspiration for the victims of alcoholism. Amen.

June 17,2019 May there be justice that has compassion

Lord Jesus enlighten and inspire jurists everywhere to make laws and reform laws in accordance with your precept of unconditional and unlimited forgiveness, not according to the concept of an eye for an eye so that all may experience justice with love. Graciously hear our prayer Lord. Amen.

June 16,2019 Lord, teach us to see you in others

O Holy Trinity, enable us to experience your Trinitarian love O community of three distinct persons. Make us aware that all of us human persons are indeed an extension of you in which we too are supposed to be mutually loving persons. Grant our prayer, O Holy Trinity. Amen.


June 15,2019 Lord, teach us to be merciful

God the Father help us to carry on our lips these beautiful words of the psalmist: The Lord is kind and merciful. Merciful Father give your grace so that we may be merciful and kind to our brothers and sisters who need compassion and empathy. Hear our prayer. Amen.

June 14,2019 Lord, teach us to share

Grant that we may increasingly become aware that we are indeed clay vessels who carry the eternal treasure Jesus within us to share with our fellow men and women everywhere in the world. Protect us from vulnerability to keep this treasure safe from all attacks. Amen.

June 13,2019 St. Anthony of Padua, Pray for us

Through the wonder worker of Padua Lord Jesus make us wonders of love especially to the most suffering and marginalized people around us. May this resplendent star of sanctity always protect us from every form of deceit and deception. Hear our prayer through the intercession of Saint Anthony of Padua. Amen.

June 12,2019 Lord, make us ministers of your love

God the Father make us competent ministers of the covenant of love which your only son sealed with his blood for us sinners to become your worthy children. Grant that we may ever remain worthy of the covenant in our daily life. Amen.

June 11,2019 May we witness Jesus like Barnabas

May the life of Barnabas be an encouragement for all of us believers to be bold witnesses of Jesus even in most hostile situations. We make this prayer to you Jesus through Saint Barnabas your ardent follower and martyr. Amen

June 10,2019 Mother Mary, Protect the Church

Mary – mother of the Church, protect this great family which your Son built through his vibrant life and message to give us the protection of your love and care. Grant that we may always look to this mother for inspiration and guidance. Amen.

June 09,2019 Lord, Remove the veil of ignorance

Send your Holy Spirit and ignite us Lord to see everybody and everything as you see them and thus to remove the veil of  ignorance to understand all the people and their agonies as you understand them. Hear our prayer you who live with the Spirit. Amen.

June 08,2019 Lord, Help us to be your true disciples

In your compassion Lord hear our prayer to be your true disciples like Peter and John and follow you boldly like them. Grant that our discipleship be for your greater glory and the strength of your Church. We make this prayer through your beloved disciples. Amen.

June 07,2019 Father, Strengthen us to bear witness

Father in heaven, strengthen us to bear witness for your Son before rulers and nations like Paul the Apostle and Blessed Franz Jagerstatter. Grant that abiding in his love we may ever strive to love our fellow men and women more and more. Hear our prayer, Lord. Amen

June 06,2019 May we be inspired to follow Your footstep

Jesus you granted the grace to Norbert to found a Congregation to reach your life and message through their preaching. Grant that their preaching may inspire your faithful to follow your footsteps with ever growing enthusiasm and commitment.  We make this prayer through the intercession of Saint Norbert who lives with you in glory. Amen.

June 05,2019 Lord, May we be one and our joy complete

Lord Jesus you have prayed to your Holy Father to protect us in your Name so that we may be one and our joy may be complete. Let your prayer be our strength in times of trials and sufferings in our life situations. We make this prayer in your Name. Amen.

June 04,2019 Lord, teach us to be grateful

Let all the nations of the earth sing to God who has provided for the needy out of His goodness and a safe dwelling for all the poor. May we be ever grateful to you Father for your abundance of blessings who live with your Son forever and ever. Amen.

June 03,2019 Lord, Inspire us to fight against discrimination

Heavenly Father, you created all of us as your equal children but we created discriminatory walls between us against your will in the name of colour and caste. May the Patron of black African youth Saint Charles Lwanga, your martyr become an inspiration for all the youth to fight against every form of discrimination. Hear our prayer. Amen.

June 02,2019 Lord Jesus, bless all the writers and media persons

Lord Jesus, as we celebrate your Ascension as a day of communications, bless all the writers and media persons as you blessed the disciples so that all may communicate your love and vision effectively to the ends of the earth. Amen

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