Remembering the 'Mother Teresa of Mau'

Dr. Jude, one of the Medical sisters of St. Joseph, who devoted the prime years of her life caring for the poor and ailing of Maunath Bhanjan village(previously known as Mau), has from a very young age has fostered the dream of living a pious life.

Dr. Jude, born to Dr Devsi and Annakutty of Vellani, hails from Malayattoor, Kerala. She reached Mau at the young age of 15, following her call. “I wanted to become a saint. I became a doctor instead. In 1975, the convent sent me to Lady Harding Medical College in New Delhi to study medicine. I soon realised I was doing God’s work,” she says.

She was posted as a gynaecologist first, at the Fatima dispensary in Mau, owing to the dearth of a medical professional for the care of female patients, in the region.

As she remembers, there was a surge of female patients even at the first day. She thinks back at the humble beginnings of the Fatima dispensary, set up by three nuns in May, 1977(which is now known as Fatima Hospital), "we began sans funds or facilities. There were alien people, all illiterate, strange terrain and language, and the dispensary was surrounded by thick jungles. Thefts and dacoities were common."

"Without sleep or rest, she worked day and night, never saying no to any patient. There appeared a divine passion that seemed to be guiding her, for no human being could have so much energy or stamina," recalls Sister Roselet, Mother Superior of Fatima Hospital in Mau.

The septuagenarian nun had won the Senior Citizen Award under Tina Ambani in 2009. She was recently honoured by the Uttar Pradesh government with the Rani Laxmi Bai Award for bravery for four decades of ardent and dedicated service in the medical field.

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