The Deposit of Faith

In the readings, the Church authorities take a crucial decision through the guidance and assistance of the Holy Spirit (Acts 15:28). In the Gospel, Christ promised his Apostles, that the Holy Spirit would be sent to them.

He would teach them all things and recall to their mind all that Christ had taught. This promise was fulfilled in the 1st reading. Now, this promise is fulfilled again and again in the church and in the life of every Christian.

The Holy Spirit ‘breathes where he wills.’ He is there with each one of us whenever we call on him for help and inspiration. He inspires the young and the old. He has inspired founders of Congregations and Orders to spread the faith.

We need to call on the Holy Spirit daily to help us when taking serious decisions and in vital situations. When we doubt our faith and when the seed of faith shrinks, we need to call on the Holy Spirit. He is here beside us. He will never fail us. That’s my little faith! --Anthony Noronha SJ

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