Catholic bishop of Kadapa entangled in embezzlement case

Catholics of Kadapa(Cuddapah) city in Andhra Pradesh, has lately been in an outrage for the ouster of a Catholic bishop, Prasad Gallela of the diocese of Cuddapah, in view of the misuse of diocesan funds.

Two lay Catholics, namely Mesa Ravi Kumar and Byreddy Chinnappa Reddy, had a couple of months before filed a joint petition against the misappropritaion of funds by the bishop.

The funds, the complainants say, were directed towards the support of his wife and teenage son. The bishop has denied the charges stating it as “baseless” and an attempt intended to defame him.

He even affirmed that the woman in question to be his brother's second wife and the child alleged to be his own, his nephew.

Bishop Prasad Gallela who is involved in multiple court cases, “money laundering, misappropriation of diocesan funds, corruption and cheating civil and religious authorities”, to mention some, has been notified to appear before the Lok Adalat, on August 18.

Jesuit priest, Fr. A.X.J. Bosco, who attends to the Dalits in Andhra Pradesh, says that "there are so many documents to support all the allegations, but it all needs verification from competent authorities," and that they “have no proof to decide on anything”. “At the moment, all we have are allegations,” he says.

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