Cardinal Alencherry's meet with Mizoram governor stirs up controversy

The former chief of Hindu Aikyavedi in Kerala, Kummanam Rajashekaran, met with Cardinal Alencherry of the Ernakulam-Angamaly archdiocese at a guest house in Kochi yesterday, creating yet another controversy.

Kummanam Rajashekaran remained the president of BJP's Kerala unit, before being sworn in as the governor of Mizoram on May 29.

The Church in Kerala termed the meeting as a “courtesy call” where the Cardinal paid his respect to a person holding a constitutional position.

But the meeting garnered the resentment of public who took to social media to vent their dislike. “It is not the cardinal’s job to give legitimacy to the Sanghi,” read a Facebook post, 'Sanghi' being a name oft used to imply a rightwing Hindu activist.

Kummanam is reported to have told the Cardinal that he had been facing protests from certain Christian organizations in Mizoram, on his appointment as governor.

Cardinal Alencherry was quoted saying post the meeting that Mizoram bishop had been introduced to the newly-elected governer, Kummanam Rajasekharan as a leader who maintained “cordial relations with all religious sections in society”.

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