Algeria approves the beatification of Trappist monks

Algeria has granted approval for the beatification of seven Trappist monks, kidnapped and massacred in 1996 by an Islamic fundamentalist group.

The monks aged 42-82, were abducted from the Priory of Our Lady of Atlas in Tibhirine by Armed Islamic Group of Algeria(GIA).

Abdelkader Messahel, Algeria’s Foreign Minister says that the “beatification will take place in a few months, in the coming weeks, in Oran.”

Inspired by the story, French filmmaker Xavier Beauvois had earlier picturised the series of events into a movie by the name, 'Of Gods and Men' in 2010, which won the Grand Prix at the Cannes Film Festival.

One of the martyred Trappist monks, Christian de Chergé had written to his community in a letter which said: “if it should happen one day – and it could be today – that I become a victim of the terrorism which now seems ready to engulf all the foreigners living in Algeria, I would like my community, my Church and my family to remember that my life was given to God and to this country”.

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