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Living in Faith – Live Church News, Vatican News, Pope Sermons, Global Catholic Stories

Pope Francis meets Alan Kurdis father

At the end of Mass celebrated in Iraq’s northern city of Erbil, Pope Francis meet with Abdullah Kurdi, the father of three-year-old Alan, who drowned with his brother and mother off the Turkish coast in September 2015 while trying to reach Europe.

Pope in Iraq: Our martyrs shine together like stars in the same sky!

At the conclusion of the Mass in Erbil, Pope Francis praised the generosity and heroic witness of the Iraqis, while thanking all those who made his visit possible.

UNESCO working to rebuild Iraqs religious heritage in spirit of fraternity

As Pope Francis prayed for peace, forgiveness and rebirth in the ravaged northern Iraqi city of Mosul, the United Nations Education and Culture Organization’s director in Iraq speaks of how reconstruction is going ahead in a spirit of fraternity.

Pope encourages Qaraqosh Iraqi faithful to rebuild the bonds of community

Pope Francis enjoins Christians to rebuild their communities based on forgiveness and fraternity. His words came during a meeting with Christians at the Church of Immaculate Conception in Qaraqosh on Sunday.

The future of peace in Iraq and the faces that are changing history

Rafah, Davide, Hasan: In Ur, in the presence of Pope Francis, the stories and testimonies of those who are already changing history with the helpless force of love

Highlights of Pope Francis second day in Iraq

As Pope Francis continues his Apostolic Journey to Iraq, we highlight the many colorful moments of his second day in the Middle Eastern nation.

Pope at Divine Liturgy in Iraq: World is changed by Beatitudes, not power

Pope Francis celebrates the Divine Liturgy with Chaldean Catholics in Saint Joseph’s Cathedral in Baghdad. He delivers a homily explaining how witnessing to love in the Beatitudes helps fulfil God’s promises.

Popes visit to Iraq helping replace walls with bridges

Catholic Relief Services is on the ground in Iraq helping Iraqis affected by conflict and supporting religious leaders and communities rebuild trust. CRS country representative says the Pope’s visit is a precious occasion in more than one respect.

Pope appoints new bishop appointed in Sibolga, Indonesia

Father Fransiskus Tuaman Sinaga is the new Bishop of Sibolga.

Iraq: Popes Prayer of the Sons and Daughters of Abraham

Joined by Muslims, Jews, representatives of different Christian Churches and other Iraqi religious minorities in the Iraqi city of Ur, Pope Francis prays for reconciliation, peace and the strength to rebuild the ravaged nation.

Pope urges Abraham religions to pursue path of peace in Iraq

Pope Francis meets with representatives of the three Abrahamic religions at Ur of the Chaldeans in Iraq, and urges Christians, Muslims, and Jews to journey along a path of peace under the stars of the promise God made to Abraham.

Pope Francis stresses importance of cooperation, fraternity in meeting with Grand Ayatollah

Pope Francis met this Saturday morning in Najaf with Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Al-Husayni Al-Sistani in a visit which stressed the importance of friendship, mutual respect and dialogue between religious communities.

Pope Francis meets Grand Ayatollah Al-Sistani

The Pope arrives in Najaf on Saturday morning for a meeting with Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Al-Husayni Al-Sistani.

Muslim Council of Elders on Pope Francis visit to Iraq

The Muslim Council of Elders issues a statement regarding Pope Francis’ landmark visit to Iraq saying it is a message of solidarity with victims of violence in the region and around the world

Dreams for the future: Pope meets with Scholas Occurentes youth

Participants in the Scholas Occurentes program in Iraq meet with Pope Francis at the end of the first day of his Apostolic Journey to Iraq

Pope to Iraqi clergy, religious: Violence and hate are incompatible with religion

Pope Francis meets with bishops, clergy and religious in the Cathedral of Our Lady of Salvation in Baghdad, stressing the importance of sowing seeds of reconciliation and fraternal coexistence that can lead to a rebirth of hope for everyone.

Pope Francis: Expressing his closeness with the Iraqi people

Closeness is a hallmark of Pope Francis’s personal style as a shepherd. As he is about to embark on his 33rd Apostolic Journey to Iraq, we explore how he has expressed his closeness to the Iraqi people.

Iraqi youth in joyful expectation of Pope Francis

Dahlia Khay Azeez reflects on preparations for Pope Francis’ visit to Iraq taking place from 5 to 8 March, expressing hope that his presence will yield good fruit for the future of the Middle Eastern country.

Cardinal Cantalamessa: Jesus is holy and makes us holy

In his second sermon for Lent 2021, Cardinal Raniero Cantalamessa, the Preacher to the Papal Household, reflects on the humanity of Jesus as the perfect model for all human beings.

Pope urges Iraqi authorities to rebuild society on fraternal solidarity

Pope Francis gives his first speech on Iraqi soil on Friday to authorities, civil servants, and diplomats, and indicates the path toward a genuine recovery of the nation following years of conflict and terrorism.