Africa needs more female leaders

In many African countries, it is time for elections this year. Sadly, many of the continent’s social “social structures, such as those in politics, religion and culture, sometimes constitute real obstacles in the promotion of female leadership,” says Cote d’Ivoire SMA theologian

New Caravan of Central American migrants in search of better lives

With the eyes of the US Immigration firmly focused on its borders, Mexico is facing yet another Central American Caravan of migrants seeking a better and more prosperous life on their side of the Continent.

Libya: thousands of children at risk amidst ongoing conflict

As international powers prepare to meet in Berlin on Sunday to discuss the Libyan crisis, UNICEF publishes details concerning the number of children at risk amidst the violence and chaos of the ongoing conflict.

Pope Francis praises Italian fishers for ridding the sea of plastic

The Pope expresses his appreciation for the voluntary work fishers from the Marche region of Italy are doing to rid the seabed of plastic. He also urges them to hold firm to their Christian values.

Myanmar Church concerned over China-backed dam

Bishop Raymond Sumlut Gam of Banmaw in Kachin State and Myanmar’s Catholic Church leaders are opposed to the revival of the stalled Myitsone dam project in Kachin state.

Care for migrants at heart of 2020 Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

The annual Week of Prayer for Christian Unity takes place from 18 to 25 January. It sees representatives of all Christian denominations gather in the Vatican to pray and reflect on the theme chosen for 2020.

Flemish priest killed in South Africa

South African police arrest a suspect in connection with the murder of a Belgian priest in a village west of Johannesburg.

Pope receives DRC President, discusses Bilateral Relations

Pope Francis receives the President of the Democratic Republic of Congo in the Vatican and expresses satisfaction for the ratification of the Framework Agreement between the two States.

Pope at Mass: essence of life is our relationship with God

The diseases of the soul need to healed and the medicine is to ask for forgiveness. Basing himself on the miracle of the healing of the paralytic by Jesus, Pope Francis made this point in his homily at Mass at the Casa Santa Marta.

Catholic publisher makes material available for Word of God Sunday

Catholic publisher, Bayard, rallies behind Pope Francis’ proclamation of the Word of God Sunday, making both digital and print material accessible

Sunday of the Word of God: making the Scriptures part of our everyday lives

A press conference in the Vatican details the many aspects of the newly established ‘Sunday of the Word of God’ to be marked on 26 January. Pope Francis will celebrated Holy Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica for the occasion.

Pope to Finnish Ecumenical Delegation: standing together as baptized Christians

Pope Francis receives an ecumenical delegation from Finland, and recalls the importance of hospitality as part of our shared witness of faith in daily life.

Bishops call for the release of kidnapped seminarians

The Catholic Bishops of Nigeria are appealing for the release of four major seminarians kidnapped in Kaduna, Nigeria, by unknown gunmen on the night of 8 January.

Pressure on Iran as nuclear deal unravels

The Iranian president Hassan Rouhani says his country is now enriching more uranium than it did before it signed the international nuclear deal.

Catholic population of S. Korea grows by 50% in 20 years

A study by the Catholic Church in South Korea shows that the number of Catholics in the past 2 decades has increased by 48.6 per cent, and today accounts for 11.1% of the nation’s population.

Yemen: Dengue epidemic kills scores of vulnerable children

Save the Children is sounding the alarm following the deaths in Yemen of around 78 children from dengue-related diseases, and reports of over 52,000 suspected cases.

Bishops Co-ordination group call for new political solution in Israel and Palestine

Bishops from across Europe and North America have concluded their visit to the Holy Land, imploring their "governments to help build a new political solution rooted in human dignity for all” in Israel and Palestine.

Pope at Mass: The little prayer that moves God

During the homily at Mass Thursday morning at the Casa Santa Marta, Pope Francis says that Jesus is close to us, “His compassion will take upon itself our problems, our sins, our interior diseases”.

Reflections for the II Sunday

Fr. Antony Kadavil reflects and comments on the readings at Mass for the second Sunday in ordinary time. He says that those who are called gradually accept the identity of the One who calls them.

Cardinal asks President of DR Congo for solutions for North Kivu

President Tshisekedi of DR Congo meets with the Cardinal Archbishop of Kinshasa ahead of his audience with the Pope. Among the things discussed were solutions to ongoing conflicts in the country.