Words and Works of Jesus (Std. - 6) M.R.P - Rs. 170/- Special Price - Rs. 150/- + Shipping
Jesus’ message of repentance and love has echoed through generations. The cover page shows the image of Jesus preaching to the people
Key Highlights

The greatest example of love was shown by Jesus by giving up his life for us on the cross. The book "Jesus: His Life and His Works" helps the students understand the depth of His love and spread it in their lives.

The book covers the Beatitudes and its interpretations in our day-to-day life, the signs about Jesus given in the Gospel of John and the in-depth detailing of the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus.

With illustrations and references to books, writings, documentaries and movies, the textbook stands out as a guide to help live life on the basis of the example that Jesus set ours for each and every person who believes in Him.

The Catechism Books have been developed for the Archdiocese of Bombay based on their syllabus. For other Dioceses, the content can be customized.

Understand how the Sermon on the Mount and the Beatitudes sum up Christian thinking.
Understand how being poor is not a curse but a blessing. Learn the difficulties of being poor and what makes the poor people different.
Learn to be humble in your words and actions with this beautifully written chapter
How merciful are we to others? What are the ways in which the virtue of Mercy can be shown? Read this chapter to know more
Learn the meaning of the word “Messiah” and the reason why we call Jesus our Messiah
Understand what a committed response means and how it can change your life
Learn the true meaning of Jesus’ words – “I am the Light of the World”
Read about the most remembered and celebrated dinner in world history
Read on the story of how Jesus stood for trial in the presence of Pontius Pilate like a common man
Understand the greatest sacrifice ever – by God for mankind
Read about the greatest victory – of truth and God’s love for mankind
Special certificate page that can be issued on completion of the course
A specially designed questionnaire with simple questions to measure the level of understanding of the students
With simple activities, facts, figures, readings, prayers and more to keep children engaged in the catechesis even after reaching home
Words and Works of Jesus (Std. - 6) M.R.P - Rs. 170/- Special Price - Rs. 150/- + Shipping