Prophets, Apocrypha & Acts (STD - 10) M.R.P - Rs. 200/- Special Price - Rs. 150/- + Shipping
The cover page of the book shows the image of a Prophet lost in thought as he is writing down his message in a scroll.
Key Highlights

God has sent across His prophets to His people time and again. The prophets always came whenever the chosen people were in trouble, whenever they were led astray by wrong teachings and fake prophets. This book gives a unique insight into the life and times of great prophets such as Elijah, Elisha, Isaiah, Ezekiel and many others. This book will also help young readers understand the great works that were done by the Prophets and the Apostles.

Understand how Prophet Elijah was chosen to bring the people of Israel back from worshipping pagan Gods.
Get beautiful content along with the lessons that will help children understand the Word of God and amazing facts and figures associated with the Catholic Church.
Understand how Prophet Isaiah became the most alluded in the Catholic Liturgy during Advent, Lent and the Holy Week.
Get amazing content with facts and figures about the Catholic Church that will amaze you
Understand how God protected Daniel and his friends when they were thrown to the lions as punishment for not bowing down before King Darius.
The church as we know it was the fruit of many who gave up their lives for their faith. Know how the church began and prospered.
Saint Paul was a prominent figure among the Jews who tortured innocent Christians. Later he became the most ardent and zealous missionary the world had seen. Know more about his journeys and his life.
Write key points that you understand and know about the amazing facts that make your faith special from “Know Now”
Prophets, Apocrypha & Acts (STD - 10) M.R.P - Rs. 200/- Special Price - Rs. 150/- + Shipping