Parables and Miracles of Jesus (STD - 5) M.R.P - Rs. 200/- Special Price-Rs. 150/- + Shipping
Jesus was well known all over Judea and Galilee for the miracles that he had done. The cover of the book is a beautifully illustrated image showing Jesus preaching to the people.
Key Highlights

Understand how Jesus speaks to the people through parables which are filled with examples from their daily life. Jesus connected with the people better than the scholars and teachers of his time. This caused anger and hatred to Jesus and his ministry among the Pharisees and Scribes. This book will help the reader understand the parables that Jesus used and how he was able to communicate with the people.

Understand how Jesus communicated with the people through Parables. He used examples from the daily life of people and that helped him to convey moral teaching and his spiritual wisdom.
Learn from this chapter the reality of the Kingdom of God that Jesus preached was different from what the Jewish people had expected. His Kingdom was that of meekness, kindness and inclusiveness.
Understand how Jesus simplified his message in the form of the Parable of the Sower. The ease in understanding his preaching attracted thousands
Get to know your faith better with special content placed in the pages. Learn the Word of God and get special insights into the lives of great saints and missionaries of the Catholic Church
Jesus used the image of the seed and the harvest to explain how God works mysteriously and silently and humans must be patient like the farmer in all their needs
The Parable of the Lost Sheep shows the love that Jesus has towards his people and the concern that he shows when they are lost.
Apart from listening to the parables and sermons from Jesus, many flocked around him to be healed of their physical ailments. Learn how the paralyzed man was healed by Jesus
Use the notes section to write down what you have understood from the lesson and plan your tasks for the week
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