Patriarchs and Moses (STD - 8) M.R.P - Rs. 200/- Special Price - Rs. 150/- + Shipping
The cover page of the book shows Abraham who trusted God and his promise to give him descendants as innumerable as the grains of sand or the stars in the sky.
Key Highlights

God has played an active role in ensuring that the people who were his were taken care of and guided from time to time. It is essential for every person believing in Jesus to understand who Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph etc were and the role that they have played in the Messianic history.

Did you know that the name Abram meant ‘exalted father’? But God changed his name to Abraham which meant ‘ancestor of a multitude of nations’ Read this chapter to know about Abraham.
Get beautiful content along with the lessons that will help children understand the Word of God and amazing facts and figures associated with the Catholic Church.
A covenant means coming together, or to unite. It can also mean to agree. No matter where Abraham went, God accompanied him and took care of him. This chapter will help young readers understand the essence of the covenant that God made with Abraham.
Have you heard of the story where Jacob hurt his brother Esau and returned to reconcile with him? Read this chapter to know about that amazing event.
The Bible is not a mere collection of a few books with fairy tales. It’s the testimony of faith of people who have encountered God and his mercy. Help children understand the Bible better with this book.
Understand how the Word of God becomes a revelation to the reader of the Scripture because God comes to him/her not as a relic of the past but as someone, a person, speaking to him/her in the present time.
Understand how the promised land of Canaan was conquered by Joshua.
Take notes and write down discussion points on this special page.
Patriarchs & Moses (STD - 8) M.R.P - Rs. 200/- Special Price - Rs. 150/- + Shipping